iRMMS – Intelligent Real-Time Material Management System

iRMMS is an IoT based Systematic Warehouse Material Management System for organizing Material Stock.

Warehouses or Material Stores is essential part of each organization. Storage space for storing and handling materials! The quantity of materials and quality of stock maintenance varies widely for each organization. Depending on the economic scale and analyzing mindset of the management, the manner in which stores are organized varies.

Material categories are different according to organization requirement. For manufacturing industries, materials broadly get classified into Raw Materials, Finished goods, Packing Materials, Intermediates, Recycled Materials, Waste Materials, Not In Use Materials etc.
IoT based tracking and materials management in warehouses or manufacturing plants is the current need in the market. In addition, stock management along with FIFO info is also needed for full or partial material utilization. Hence, we developed this product for minimizing these worries and eas…

Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT